A downloadable costco for Windows and Linux

Oh no, you're trapped in Costco! :O

Well... not really. You can leave any time you want. But, what are you going to do? Go to Walmart?

GAME UPDATE 3/2/22: Made game less confusing...
• Items now sparkle before being picked up, making them more obvious
• Employees now hint at the player hitting them with items
• Arrows now flash red when at a free sample stand to encourage mashing
• Text above phone changes once all items have been gotten, telling the player to leave the store
• (also some small bug fixes with the movement that I'm not sure if anyone even notices)


WASD - Move
Left Click- Pick Up and Throw Items
1 (holding item) - Pocket Item
2 (holding item) - Smash Item
3 (holding item) - Spin Item
1 - Clap
2 - Thumbs Up
3 - Angry


Sammy Mahmoudi - Programming, Design, Music

Mattie Sonnett - 3D Art

Irwin Rudolf - 3D Art

"smallhands" Fran - UI Art

Edward Newton - Writing

Christopher Hahn - SFX

Liz Gravis - SFX

Lowland52 - Master Recruiter

Kris Olivares - Director of Memeing

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsBagelMaster5000, Stormyman, AGuyNamedEdward, Irwin Rudolf
Tags2D, 3D, Atmospheric, costco, First-Person, Horror, Singleplayer, Unity


Costco W v3.zip 38 MB
Costco L v3.zip 53 MB


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Dang I wish it would load i had high expectations


clapping is my favorite. well done.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for allowing me to yeet old ladies out of existance. Expected a horror game, didn't get one, still had a great time. 

Only complaint: Why can't buckets o butter like that actually exsist? 

Hey, I tried to download the game on Windows and it just took me to the Unity intro and then a black screen with no way to close out of the game or anything. I tried to extract it again and the same thing happened. I tried to delete it and download it again and it still gave me a black screen with nothing on it. I thought maybe it just needs some time to load so I let it load for 10 whole minutes and still nothing. I REALLY want to play this game but I just wasn't able to. Thanks!

Aw that sucks, really sorry to hear that :(

I have no idea why that's happening...  I'm not sure if I'd be able to fix that, but would you mind sharing your PC specs so I can look into it?

I sent you an email with my PC specs!

Oh, sorry haven't had a chance to look into it yet, been busy with midterms... I think though it's a limitation of this Unity rendering add-on I'm using for the game with the older computer you have :/


I just got around to looking into it... sadly I really have no idea why it's not working :(

I'm pretty sure it's a limitation of the PSX render pipeline, and if that's the case I don't think I'd be able to fix it. Sorry :/


That's okay, I can use my friends computer. Thank you so much! 


I love how it's just a casual game with no scares (i think) but it's a horror because of the fact that you are trapped in a costco and that stuff can make somebody get anxiety


Dude, I love games like this I put it in a compilation video its the first game.

That was awesome, so glad you had fun with the game! :D


I'm really glad that I found this game.


Great video, it was really fun to watch! It makes me happy to see you figured out the mechanics so fast 🙏


Did I . . . Did I eat those free sample ladies?

Man I was screaming at you to throw something at the costco guy lmao

That's actually my bad for not communicating that mechanic better, most people who've played so far have been confused about that...

The v3 updated build should hopefully make it and some other things a lot more clear!



This is amazing, I love how much you got into the game! Very fun to watch you figure stuff out.

I recently posted an update build that fixed a lot of issues I noticed while watching your video!


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This was a fun mini-game about the main character, having to get groceries at Costco and get out of Costco. At first, the game didn't really seem to fit the horror genre until I realised that the controls for the game and the layout of the map of the game actually makes it really difficult for the player to help the main character find the required items and escape from Costco.

The horror factor for this game lies in the anxiety of looking for the items, finding a way out and figuring out the controls of the game with a timer running. Even though it may not be a timer counting down, the timer does add to the anxiety as it feels as though the player is supposed to complete the game within a very short amount of time to complete the game. The icons for 1,2 & 3 are actually really important in completing the game but I only realised the true purpose of them near the end of the game.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Thanks so much for playing and making a video on our game! Really glad you liked it :D