The Eaterer. Once a man, but succumbed to his gluttony. Now, he knows not what he is...

This is a game made for fun by me and Saturshake. My role in this project was the programming, game design, level design, lighting, sound effects, character design, project management, and some music, while my partner was in charge of the 3D assets, 3D asset animation, music, and some game design. Game was made in about four months using Unity, Blender, Photoshop, GarageBand, Audacity, and Excel.

Tips: Incinerate bad items to get a higher score. Get a perfect rank on any stage to unlock the Art Gallery (which contains lore).

Also, there may or may not be a hidden secret on stage 1...

WASD - Move
Left Click - Throw item. Hold to long throw
Left Click while Holding Right Click/Left Shift - Drop item


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, eaterer, eating, emotional, Horror, obesity, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


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Where is the fifth unhealthy item in the second stage? I can't find it anywhere?

There should be three in each of the paths branching off the center... Can't say exactly though since the healthy/unhealthy items are placed randomly in the item spawn points


super cool game! I didn't really understand the "mistakes" mechanic, but I loved the design of the characters and the arcade-y feel of the game. Nice work!!


Looks like globglogabgalab


Cool game here's a speedrun

I learned alot about Addictive Drugs today :)

5mentarios (100/10)

Incredible game, I enjoyed escaping the Globglogabgalab, the speed is perfect, the music is nice, the levels are nice and simple and the gameplay is easy to understand. The Eaterer looks absolutely beautiful and overall a 10/10 game in my opinion


Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it


his titties are glorious

ran around for hours because i didn't know what to do

Also Pls add sound effects




U think hes fast?   he slow as heck my dude

It´s really good.


Love the models


is verr good


i like it

it is funny


this is wired in a good way tho


Incredible game! It's simple, fun, and creative. I love the cartoony atmosphere that is almost trying to be horror but it's not. 

Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it!


looks like the legendary


Please don't tell the copyright police

i won’t 


This game was weird in a good way and I really enjoyed playing it

Awesome video! Thanks so much and I'm glad you enjoyed it!


10/10 I love the soundtrack a lot and I found the secret stage and did all levels with S rank.
But I didn't really get the backstory that is in the "Art Gallery".


That's awesome! Thanks for the feedback and I definitely should have made the backstory more clear.

In case you or anyone else is curious, the game takes place in the nightmare of a man in a downward spiral. Everything has gone wrong in his life and The Eaterer, an entity of all things unhealthy, has come to bring him down an unescapable path of unhealthy living after sensing his weak will. In the game, the player must expel The Eaterer from the man's dream in order to motivate him to change his lifestyle.

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Fun game! Had some great laughs! 10/10! I played a few of his other games and I love them! Thanks!

Hey thanks, I'm really glad you liked it! A rating would also be appreciated if you have time!


This was hilarious. I had a lot of fun with it. I didn't feel compelled to trash the bad stuff, but even just getting the good stuff into him was enough of a challenge to keep it interesting. I was surprised by this one.


I'm glad you had fun with it and thanks a lot for the feedback!


I really enjoyed this game I think the graphics are really sick especially the zoom in at the start of all the stages. The Music is up beat and nice to listen to as your circling the stages. It took me a minute to figure out how to get the bonus stage but I did it. I would have loved for there to be some kind of story involved or like sound effect that makes you really not want to get eaten or one that menacingly lets you know when the eaterer and his minions were near.  A hidden ending for all S trophies would have been sick as well but overall the game was a blast and I really enjoyed it. my full play through with bonus stage here: 


Hey thanks so much for playing me and my friend's game and for your feedback! Your Let's Play was really fun to watch! It's unreal to see a Let's Play of one of my games since I basically grew up on those vids. Most of all, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game!

Also, there is somewhat of a story hidden in the game. Not sure if you saw it but once you completed a level with S rank for the first time, the "Art Gallery" opened up. In there the items will have descriptions that hint at what the story is. Admittedly, that's not made super clear to the player.