A downloadable audio adventure for Windows

Audio-only, horror, narrative game about exploring a haunted house in search of ghostly jewels (to fund the purchase of a shared GameStation 7).

(Message from the P9M Team)

Thank you for participating in the beta test of Project 9th Monday! 

This beta test will be having you test an AI-generated horror story based on some classic horror movie tropes.

Project 9th Monday does not yet have any working graphics. However, all auditory aspects of the project are fully functional. Therefore, all your actions and decisions in the game will be controlled by your voice. Depending on what you say or what you don’t say, the story should play out in different ways, with multiple story branches and endings.

Please enjoy the story!


Unity, Windows Dictation Recognizer, Ink, and Wwise


(Programming) Sammy Mahmoudi and Bill Dang

(Story) Brian Renadette w/ help from Edward Newton

(Sound) Joe Boudreaux w/ help from Sammy Mahmoudi

(Voice Acting) Tomer Braff (Jordan), Trisha Mellon (Hazel), Christopher Hahn (Paul), Sammy Mahmoudi (AI)

(Project Management) Sammy Mahmoudi


Project 9th Monday v4.zip 140 MB

Install instructions

In order for the program to function properly, please check the following:

• You are using Windows 10.

• You have enabled Online Speech Recognition in your Windows settings (currently located in Settings -> Privacy -> Speech).

• You have a microphone connected. And if you have more than one connected, the one you wish to use is the default microphone.

Thank you, and enjoy!
-P9M Team


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Oh my goodness, this is such a cool concept. Awesome job on this!

Thank you! We're glad you like it!

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Amazing story and amazing voice acting! Using the speech recognition tool is also really cool!

All characters are phenomenal as well! My favorite character is Paul! He sounds really cool and awesome! Jordan sounds really buff and cool too! Also, Hazel really gives the icing on the cake!