A downloadable game

Deliver pizzas to those in self-quarantine. There's a lot of demand so try not to miss any orders.


  • Arrow Keys/WASD - Move
  • Space/Right Shift - Enter Car
  • Esc/P - End Game


  1. Spin when walking for extra speed
  2. Avoid YouTube pranksters who are trying to steal your pizzas for views

Made entirely by Sammy Mahmoudi in about a week for the SOP Revival Game Jam and the Revival Jam

Sorry, no sound or music :(


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I want to play again, but I want to be one of the people in the house, receiving the pizza.

What I'm saying is I want a pizza.

Good game.

Please send a pizza.


Pizza Fact:
Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day

I think this neighborhood is beating that record.

Also, "Gosh Darn these Youtubers and their Pizza Thief Challenges!"


walking overpowered, 7 out of 3

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Epic. If you master the spinning you can get around pretty fast